Certified Translation Services USHere at Certified Translation Services US we provide professional interpreting services. Our interpreters are trained and are proficient in both the languages and subject matter being interpreted to ensure accurate communication. If language is a barrier, call us. Our interpreting services will provide you with the needed assistance to effectively convey your message.

Although our core base of interpreters are located in El Paso, TX, they are able to travel to any part of the US, Canada, Mexico and to many places abroad. If you require locally based interpreters, please contact us as our list of available interpreters around the country and world is steadily growing. Currently we are focused primarily on Spanish<>English interpreting, but our database of qualified and certified interpreters for other language pairs is also growing.

For SP<>ENG interpreting, we have a list of State and Federally Certified Court interpreters for all matters where accuracy is crucial. The rate for either of these services is $125 per hour, minimum hours depending upon venue, plus travel expenses. For only $75 per hour, we have a list of qualified, non-certified interpreters. In the El Paso, Las Cruces Borderplex area, we also currently provide qualified non-certified interpreting for Russian<>English, Russian<>Spanish, French<>English, German<>English, Korean<>English, Chinese<>English, and Arabic<>English for $90 per hour. Please give as much advance notice as possible to ensure availability.* Requests for same-day service will be billed at a higher rate determined on a case by case basis.

We have experience in providing simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation services for:

  • Depositions, arbitration, mediations and court hearings
  • Law Enforcement training 
  • Medical appointments
  • Client meetings
  • Workers’ compensation interviews
  • Employee interviews
  • Recorded statements
  • Training Seminars
  • Phone calls (Coming soon!)
  • Attorney appointments
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Classroom interpreting

Our affiliate El Paso Language Services has been serving the El Paso - Las Cruces - Juarez Communities since 2005.

*Billing begins from the moment you schedule the interpreter to arrive so please make sure your parties are ready to begin on time.  All projects are billed for a minimum of 2 hours and are rounded up to the nearest quarter hour after that.  Lag time or down time, as well as working lunches, will be billed at the same rates.